7.30PM-9.30PM   Raja Yoga, Kevin Taplin 01889 582073, 07929418472
8.00PM-9.30PM   Lively Tiger, Chen style Tai Chi, Alan Smewing, 
beginners always welcome, website is http:// or 


9.30 to 12.30 Seniors fitness and Health starting soon.

7.00PM - 8.00PM  Zumba Fitness with Instructor Maggie.  Call Triple Dance Academy 07881 538780 

Kerry Gilbert  Kickboxing 6.00 to 8.00


10.00AM - 12.00PM Tai Chi Chaun, Pam Foster, 01543 506088

7.30pm - 9.00 Krav Maga with Chris Mcmanus


10.00AM - 11.30AM   Jean Gethin Yoga - call office for details 01543 503163

 6.30pm-730pm Zumba 
 Call Maggie Palmer at Triple Dance Academy for further details Tel: 07881 - 538780


                                                                             Sat & Sun  

Maggie palmer is the creative director and founder of Triple Dance Academy Ltd.  Please click on the following link to see her detailed credentials.
Maggie also runs Burlesque Workshops with beginners courses.  Please visit our burlesque website for further details.

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